Solo Exhibitions

Moving Mountains; East Meets West, KQ Gallery, Port Washington, NY, 2018

Moving Mountains; East Meets West, Rotunda Gallery, Adriance Memorial Library, Poughkeepsie, NY, 2018

Chairs, Lotus Gallery, Shanghai, China, 2009

Mask, Shanghai Studio Gallery, Shanghai, China, 2007                                                                                                         

Group Exhibitions                                                                                    

Small is Great, Jadite Gallery, New York, NY, 2018

September Red Pottery, Melbourne & Alice Springs, Australia, 2016

France-China 1964-2014: 50 years of Diplomatic Relations Exhibition, Paris, France, 2014

Shanghai-Taiwan Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition, XuHui Museum,Shanghai, China and GaoXiong College Art Center, Taiwan, 2013-14

The Strength of Precipitation: 10 Year Retrospect Exhibition A4 Art Community, 188 Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai, China, 2013

Contemporary Painting Seven Artists Exhibition, JiangNan Art Museum, Hangzhou, China, 2013

Women International Art Exhibition, Lā€™eau Art, Shanghai, China, 2013

City Text International Painting Exhibition, HuaDong University, Shanghai, China, 2012

Interpretation Contemporary Painting, Four Artists Exhibition, XuHui Museum, Shanghai, China, 2012

Dream of City, YueHu Museum, Shanghai, China, 2011

Guilin Yuzi Paradise International Art Symposium, Guilin, China, 2010

Shanghai Spring Art Salon, Shanghai Mart, Shanghai, China, 2008

Orientation Contemporary Exhibition, XuHui Museum, Shanghai, China, 2008

China DouFu70ā€™s Contemporary Art, Shanghai University 99 Art Center, Shanghai, China, 2008

Only Women Art Exhibition, Uwant Art Gallery, Shanghai, China, 2008

Spirit of the Mid-Autumn Moon, FELLINI Gallery, Shanghai, China, 2008

Made in Shanghai Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai Bund Museum, Shanghai China, 2007

Shanghai Youth and Midlife Artists Commending Exhibition, Mingyuan Art Center, Shanghai, China, 2007

International Contemporary Exhibition, Lotus Gallery, Shanghai, China, 2006

Unframed Vision Unbound Mind, China-Africa Contemporary Art Exhibition, 1 Gallery, Shanghai, China, 2005